Numerical Analysis 2 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name :?Numerical Analysis 2 Lecturer : μ΄μ§„μš° Semester : 2015 Spring Course :?BS, Mathematics Textbook Sauer, T. (2011) Numerical Analysis. 2nd Ed. Pearson Syllabus πŸ˜•Syllabus_2015-4-1__Numerical Analysis 2 In?short Numerical Analysis with implementation using MATLAB Numerical Differentiation and Integration, Ordinary Differential Equations, Boundary Value Problems, Partial Differential Equations, Random Numbers and Applications Trace lectures […]

Numerical Analysis 1 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Numerical Analysis 1 Lecturer : Lee Jin-woo Semester : 2014 Fall Course : BS, Mathematics Textbook Sauer, T. (2011)?Numerical Analysis. 2nd Ed. Pearson Klein, P., N. (2013) Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science. 1st Ed.? Newtonian Press Syllabus [link] Trace lectures Listing themes I learned in the […]

Studying ‘Numerical Analysis’

Definitions of ‘Numerical Analysis’ the study of algorithms that use numerical approximation for the problem of mathematical analysis -?Wikipedia area of mathematics and computer science that creates, analyzes, and implements algorithms for obtaining numerical solutions to problems involving continuous variables -?Britannica Key words numerical approximation, mathematical analysis, algorithm Programs performing?numerical analysis Maple Mathematica MATLAB Sage […]