Studying ‘Differential Equations’

References Second order linear equations | Differential Equations | Khan Academy I learned this topic very easily through this material. I learned how to solve the second order linear homogeneous equations 3 types of the character equation and its general solutions how to solve the second order linear nonhomogeneous equations The method of undetermined coefficients Summary […]

Differential Geometry | MA

Brief Information Name : Differential Geometry 미분기하학 Lecturer : 장정환 Jang Jeonghwan Semester : 2016 Fall Major : BS, Mathematics Textbook O’Neill, B. (2006) Elementary Differential Geometry. Revised 2nd Ed. Academic Press Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-2__Differential Geometry.pdf In short The geometry of curves and surfaces Summary  

Number Theory | MA

Brief Information Name : Number Theory 정수론 Lecturer : Taekyun Kim 김태균 Semester : 2016 Fall Major : BS, Mathematics Textbook Burton, D. (2012) Elementary Number Theory. 7th Ed. TMG I used the international edition of this book. (ISBN: 978-007-128919-1) Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-2__Number Theory.pdf In short Number theory or, in older usage, arithmetic is a branch of […]

Partial Differential Equation | MA

Brief Information Name : Partial Differential Equation 편미분방정식론 Lecturer : Jong-woo Lee 이종우 Semester : 2016 Fall Major : BS, Mathematics Textbook O’Neil, P. V. (2008) Beginning Partial Differential Equations. 2nd Ed. Wiley-Interscience Constanda, C. (2010) Solution Techniques for Elementary Partial Differential Equations. 2nd Ed. Chapman and Hall/CRC Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-2__Partial Differential Equation.pdf In short Study partial differential equations. […]

Introduction to Real Analysis (2nd Ed.) by Stoll, M.

Title: Introduction to Real Analysis Edition: 2nd Author: Manfred Stoll Publisher: Pearson   Purpose Learn and summarize contents in the book in my words. Contents 1 The Real Number System 1.1 Sets and Operations on Sets 1.2 Functions 1.3 Mathematical Induction 1.4 The Least Upper Bound Property 1.5 Consequences of the Least Upper Bound Property 1.6 […]

Topology 1 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Topology 1 위상수학1 Lecturer : Cho Hyanggam 조향감 Semester : 2016 Spring Major : BS, Mathematics Textbook 송형수 (2010) 『위상수학: PBL(문제중심학습)』. 1판. 교우사 Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-1__Topology 1.pdf In short Retake Assignments Topology 1) Assignment 1.pdf Topology 1) Assignment 2.pdf Tests The 1st Test topology, topological space, open set, closed set, closure, interior, exterior, boundary, base, […]

Introduction to Analysis 1 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Introduction to Analysis 1 해석학1 Lecturer : 허민 Min Her Semester : 2016 Spring Major : BS, Mathematics Textbook 맨프레드 스톨 (2015) 『실 해석학 입문』. 2판. 오혜영·허민(역). 경문사(경문북스) Stoll, M. (2000) Introduction to Real Analysis. 2nd Ed. Pearson Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-1__Introduction to Analysis 1.pdf In short Assignments Submit all notes where you have learned before […]