Studying Number Sense

Number Sense | Wikipedia Number sense can refer to “an intuitive understanding of numbers, their magnitude, relationships, and how they are affected by operations”. Psychologists believe that the number sense in humans can be differentiated into the approximate number system and the parallel individuation system. The approximate number system is a system that supports the […]

Dynamics and Cognitive Models | MS in CogSci

Lecture 1 | Introduction “Freud was inspired by the theory of thermodynamics and used the term psychodynamics to describe the processes of the mind as flows of psychological energy (libido or psi) in an organically complex brain.” [Psychodynamics – Wikipedia] Lecture 2 | Linear models What is a linear model? If the derivative of a […]

Studying ‘Cognitive Science’

References Cognitive Science | Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Suilin Lavelle, Kenny Smith, Mark Sprevak, David Carmel, Andy Clark & Barbara Webb (Mar. 2017) Philosophy and the Sciences: Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences. the University of Edinburgh. Coursera. 이정모. (2009). 인지과학: 학문 간 융합의 원리와 응용. 서울: 성균관대학교출판부. 이정모. (2010).?인지과학: 과거-현재-미래. 서울: 학지사. 장병탁, […]