Curriculum Learning | Bengio et al. | ICML 2009 | 2009

Brief information Authors:?Yoshua Bengio, J?r?me Louradour, Ronan Collobert, Jason Weston Published year: 2009 Publication: ICML 2009 Abstract Humans and animals learn much better when the examples are not randomly presented but organized in a meaningful order which illustrates gradually more concepts, and gradually more complex ones. We formalize such training strategies in the context of […]

One-Shot Imitation Learning | Yan Duan et al. | 2017

Summary Abstract Ideally, robots should be able to learn from very few demonstrations of any given task, and instantly generalize to new situations of the same task, without requiring task-specific engineering. In this paper, we propose a meta-learning framework for achieving such capability, which we call one-shot imitation learning. Task examples: to stack all blocks […]

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen NT940X3M-K716S

모델 정보 출시연월: 2017년 9월 나의 제품 만든 연월: 2017년 12월 화면크기: 13.3 inch 가격비교 삼성 노트북9 Pen NT940X3M-K716S | 에누리 가격비교 리뷰 동영상 갤럭시 노트의 장점을 합친 최신 2in1 PC 삼성 노트북 9 펜(Pen) [LINK] Samsung NoteBook 9 Pen 15인치, 13.3인치 모델 배터리 구동 테스트 [LINK] 13.3인치: 10시간 50분 S펜을 품은 삼성의 플래그십 노트북, […]

HP Spectre x360

Official resources Software and driver results for:?HP Spectre 13-ac000 x360 Convertible PC [LINK] 설치/설정 HP Notebook PCs – Updating the BIOS [LINK] 윈도우10 노트북 덮어도 안꺼지게 설정하는 방법, 절전모드 해제하기 [LINK] HP 스펙터 x360: 터치패드를 프리시전으로 만들기 [LINK] HP 스펙터 x360: 발열 문제 해결 방법 [LINK] Battery drain problem 노트북 배터리 자연 방전 | HP […]

Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets | M. Mirza, S. Osindero | 2014

Introduction Conditional version of Generative Adversarial Nets (GAN) where both generator and discriminator are conditioned on some data y (class label or data from some other modality). Architecture Feed y into both the generator and discriminator as additional input layers such that y and input are combined in a joint hidden representation.

Lecture 2: Markov Decision Processes | Reinforcement Learning | David Silver | Course

1. Markov Process / Markov chain 1.1. Markov process A?Markov process?or?Markov chain?is a tuple $\langle S,P \rangle$ such that $S$ is a finite set of states, and $P$ is a transition probability matrix. In a? Markov process, the initial state should be given. How do we choose the initial state is not a role of […]

Graduate School Guide | Summary

References A Survival Guide to a PhD.?Andrej Karpathy blog.?Sep 7, 2016 [LINK] HOWTO: Get into grad school for science, engineering, math and computer science [LINK] 대학원생을 위한 지극히 개인적인 10가지 조언 [LINK] 논문 읽기 초보자를 위한 Literature survey (문헌 조사) 팁! [LINK] 석사와 박사 [LINK] 내가 대학원에서 생존한 방법 [LINK] 박사 과정을 통해 배운 것들 […]

Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Computer Science

  Author:?Mor Harchol-Balter (Computer Science Department?Carnegie Mellon University) Last updated: 2014 1 Introduction This document is intended for people applying to Ph.D. programs in computer science or related areas. The author is a professor of computer science?at CMU, and has been involved in the Ph.D. admissions process at CMU, U.C.?Berkeley, and MIT. 2 Do I […]

Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks | Summary

References Ilya Sutskever, Oriol Vinyals, Quoc V. Le (2014). “Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks”. NIPS 2014: 3104-3112. [PDF] Sequence-to-Sequence Models. TensorFlow [LINK] The official tutorial for sequence-to-sequence models. Seq2seq Library (contrib). Tensorflow [LINK] Translation with a Sequence to Sequence Network and Attention. PyTorch. [LINK]