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Brief Information Name : Differential Geometry 미분기하학 Lecturer : 장정환 Jang Jeonghwan Semester : 2016 Fall Major : BS, Mathematics Textbook O’Neill, B. (2006) Elementary Differential Geometry. Revised 2nd Ed. Academic Press Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-2__Differential Geometry.pdf In short The geometry of curves and surfaces Summary  

Studying ‘Differential Geometry’

Prerequisites calculus, linear algebra. Key words geometry, curves, surfaces Euclidean space Euclidean geometry, Riemannian geometry  Reference O’Neill, B. (2006) Elementary differential geometry. revised 2nd Ed. Academic press prerequisite : calculus, linear algebra Oprea, J. (2007) Differential geometry and its applications. 2nd Ed. The Mathematical Association of America