Studying ‘Financial Engineering’

Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I | Columbia University | Coursera Recommended by someone who majored in the financial engineering. Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part II?| Columbia University | Coursera David G. Luenberger (2013) Investment Science. 2nd Ed.?Oxford University Press very good introduction to mathematical finance – Amazon users’ reviews This textbook introduces […]

Data Structure | CS | Course

Brief Information Name : Data structure Lecturer : Park Byung-Joon Semester : 2014 Fall Course : BE. Computer Science and Engineering Textbook :?Michael Main and Walter Savitch (2010)?Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++. 4th Ed.?Prentice Hall Syllabus [link] Trace lectures Listing themes I learned in the lecture in time order. Assignments Implement the dynamic […]

To easily conquer a field of study

Motivated by people and find masters to follow and collegues to come along. Follow ?advices from the masters like obeying. Just finish one book. The first time you cannot read books parellally. After one book is finished, conquer books as many as possible. Integrate your experiences and knowledge and publish them.