Understanding Modern Mathematics | MA

Brief Information Name : Understanding Modern Mathematics 현대수학의이해 Lecturer : 허민?Min Her Semester : 2016 Fall Major?: BS, Mathematics Textbook Howard Eves (2003) 『수학의 위대한 순간들』경문사 Korean translated version of the following two books. The two books is merged into this Korean edition. Howard Eves (1980)?Great Moments in Mathematics Before?1650. Mathematical Assn of Amer Howard […]

Studying ‘History of Mathematics’

Reference Boyer, C. B. and Merzbach, U. C. (2011)?A History of Mathematics. 3rd Ed. Wiley.?9780470525487 Eves, H. (1990)?An Introduction to the History of Mathematics. 6th Ed. Cengage Learning.?9780030295584 Eves, H. (1983)?Great Moments in Mathematics After 1650.?Mathematical Assn of Amer.?9780883853115 Eves, H. (2012). Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics. 3th Sub Ed.?Dover Publications. Burton, D. (2010).?The […]