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Brief Information Name : Digital Image Processing Lecturer : Lee Yun-Gu Semester : 2014 Fall Course : BE. Computer Science and Engineering Textbook : Gonzalez, R., C. and Woods, R., E. (2007) Digital Image Processing. 3rd E. Prentice Hall. Syllabus [link] Trace lectures Listing themes I learned in the lecture in time order. Image compression […]

Digital Image Processing. 3rd Ed. by Rafael C. Gonzalez

Gonzalez, R. C. and Woods, R. E. (2007) Digital Image Processing. 3rd Ed. Prentice Hall Gonzalez, R. C. and Woods, R. E. (2007) Digital Image Processing. international 3rd Ed. Pearson. 978-0132345637 The international edition listed above  is only different in book cover and pagination, which is ordered in arbrabic number from the next page to the front book […]

Studying ‘Image Processing’

References Gonzalez, R. C. and Woods R. E. (2002) Digital Image Processing. 2nd Ed. Prentice Hall Gonzalez, R. C., Woods R. E. and Eddins, S. L. (2009) Digital Image Processing using MATLAB. 2nd Ed. Gatesmark Publishing Lecture 2014 Fall Glossary Intensity transformation Spatial filtering Input image, Output image, Transformation filter. (Transformation) (Spatial) Filter Contrast-stretching (function) Thresholding […]