Neural Networks and Learning Machines. 3rd Ed. Simon O. Haykins. Pearson. 2008

Chapter 8. Principal-Components Analysis 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Principles of Self-Organization Principle 1. Self-Amplification Principle 2. Competition Principle 3. Cooperation Principle 4. Structural Information 8.3 Self-Organized Feature Analysis 8.4 Principal-Components Analysis: Perturbation Theory 8.5 Hebbian-Based maximum Eigenfilter 8.6 Hebbian-Based Principal Components Analysis 8.7 Case Study: Image Coding 8.8 Kernel Principal-Components Analysis 8.9 Basic Issues Involved in […]

Deep Learning by I. Goodfellow, Y. Bengio and A. Courville

Chapter 1 (h3) Section 1.1 (h4) Section 1.1.1 (h5) Theme (h6) Chapter 1 Introduction The performance of machine learning algorithms depends heavily on the representation of the data. The representation consists of features. Representation learning is machine learning to learn efficient representation of the given data. Deep learning so  

Operating System Concepts. 9th Ed. by A. Silberschatz and P. B. Galvin (2012) Wiley

Title: Operating System Concepts Authors:?A. Silberschatz, P. B. Galvin Publisher: Wiley Published Year: 2012 Contents Part 1:?Overview Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Operating-System Structures Part 2: Process Management Chapter 3: Processes Chapter 4: Threads Chapter 5: Process Synchronization Chapter 6: CPU Scheduling Chapter 7: Deadlocks Part 3: Memory Management Chapter 8: Main Memory Chapter 9: […]

Introduction to Real Analysis (2nd Ed.) by Stoll, M.

Title: Introduction to Real Analysis Edition: 2nd Author: Manfred Stoll Publisher: Pearson   Purpose Learn?and summarize contents in the book in my words. Contents 1 The Real Number System 1.1 Sets and Operations on Sets 1.2 Functions 1.3 Mathematical Induction 1.4 The Least Upper Bound Property 1.5 Consequences of the Least Upper Bound Property 1.6 […]

선물·옵션 투자의 이론과 전략 | John C. Hull (지은이) | 윤평식 (옮긴이) | 퍼스트북 | 2012-02-29

자습용 페이지 용어 정리 연습문제 풀기 Chapter 1. 서문 자본시장 파생상품 선물 옵션 거래소 선도게약 파생상품 재무관리자 장외시장 채권 채권 발행 기초자산 underlying asset 옵션을 행사 할 때에 매수/매도의 대상되는 상품, 자산, 물체. – 위키백과 선물 또는 선도, 옵션계약의 거래대상이 되는 상품. – 두산백과 파생상품시장 주식시장 기초변수 헷징거래 헷저 hedger 투기거래 투기자 speculator 차익거래 차익거래자 […]

Digital Image Processing. 3rd Ed. by Rafael C. Gonzalez

Gonzalez, R. C. and Woods, R. E. (2007) Digital Image Processing. 3rd Ed. Prentice Hall Gonzalez, R. C.?and Woods, R. E.?(2007)?Digital Image Processing. international 3rd Ed. Pearson. 978-0132345637 The international edition listed above ?is only different in book cover and pagination, which is ordered in arbrabic number from the next page to the front book […]