Vector Calculus and Exercises | LA | Course

Brief Information Name : Vector Calculus and Exercises Lecturer : 강영옥 Semester : 2014 Winter Course :?Liberal arts Textbook 송영권, 송형수, 이종우, 이흥수, 지은숙, 허민 (2009) 벡터해석. 교우사 Thomas, G., B. (2006) 미분적분학. 11 Ed. 자유아카데미 Syllabus 😕Syllabus__Vector Calculus and Exercises In?short This lecture focused on understanding vector calculus by intuition rather than?by?strict?mathematical proof. Vector […]

Mathematical Statistics 1 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Mathematical statistics 1 Lecturer : 지은숙 Semester : 2014 Fall Course : BM. Mathematics Textbook : 여인권, 송문섭, 허문열?(2009) 이론통계. 박영사 Syllabus [link] In?short Introduction to Statistics. 2-semester course: ?Mathematical statistics 1 and?Mathematical statistics 2 Trace lectures Assignments None Summarize?themes [After mid-term exam] t-distribution F-distribution Desirable characteristics of estimators Bias Small […]