Modeling with Data: Least Squares Method | Assignment 1 | Mathematical Modeling Design

The Submitted Material Mathematical Modeling Design) Assignment 1.pdf Mathematical Modeling Design) Assignment 1) After Correction.pdf The Process of Solving the First Exercise Mathematical Modeling Design) Assignment 1) #1) Solve the system of linear equations with 3 variables.pdf References Exercise 3 Chapter 1 Simple Linear Regression (part 4) A course material of this course statistics – […]

Interconnected One Hash Table and Two Doubly Linked Lists | Assignment 1 | Operating System

How to do the assignment: Operating System) Assignment 1) Instruction.pdf Trace 2016-03-19 Sat.: Developing environment has been set. I made a tutorial to set the environment. 2016-03-19 Sat.: Three functions are implemented: GetObjectFromObjFreeList,?InsertObjectIntoObjFreeList,?InsertObjectToTail, and?InsertObjectToHead 2016-03-20 Sun.: All implemented. I have matched the implemented code and the instruction one by one. 2016-03-28 Mon.: I got the […]

Start to Develop C Programs Using Eclipse in Ubuntu

Installation Open the terminal. Ctrl+Alt+t Update apt-get program

enter the user password Yes-type ‘y’- to all the questions while the installation. Install Java JDK

(You can change jdk version by switching 6 to the version you want.) Yes-type ‘y’- to all the questions while the installation. Install Eclipse

Yes-type ‘y’- to all […]

Operating System Concepts. 9th Ed. by A. Silberschatz and P. B. Galvin (2012) Wiley

Title: Operating System Concepts Authors:?A. Silberschatz, P. B. Galvin Publisher: Wiley Published Year: 2012 Contents Part 1:?Overview Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Operating-System Structures Part 2: Process Management Chapter 3: Processes Chapter 4: Threads Chapter 5: Process Synchronization Chapter 6: CPU Scheduling Chapter 7: Deadlocks Part 3: Memory Management Chapter 8: Main Memory Chapter 9: […]

Introduction to Real Analysis (2nd Ed.) by Stoll, M.

Title: Introduction to Real Analysis Edition: 2nd Author: Manfred Stoll Publisher: Pearson   Purpose Learn?and summarize contents in the book in my words. Contents 1 The Real Number System 1.1 Sets and Operations on Sets 1.2 Functions 1.3 Mathematical Induction 1.4 The Least Upper Bound Property 1.5 Consequences of the Least Upper Bound Property 1.6 […]

선물·옵션 투자의 이론과 전략 | John C. Hull (지은이) | 윤평식 (옮긴이) | 퍼스트북 | 2012-02-29

자습용 페이지 용어 정리 연습문제 풀기 Chapter 1. 서문 자본시장 파생상품 선물 옵션 거래소 선도게약 파생상품 재무관리자 장외시장 채권 채권 발행 기초자산 underlying asset 옵션을 행사 할 때에 매수/매도의 대상되는 상품, 자산, 물체. – 위키백과 선물 또는 선도, 옵션계약의 거래대상이 되는 상품. – 두산백과 파생상품시장 주식시장 기초변수 헷징거래 헷저 hedger 투기거래 투기자 speculator 차익거래 차익거래자 […]

Finite Mathematics | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Finite Mathematics 유한수학 Lecturer : Sang-Mok Kim?김상목 Semester : 2016 Spring Major?: BS, Mathematics Textbook 박승안 (2012) 『이산수학』. 3판. 경문사 Syllabus 😕Syllabus_2016-5-1__Finite Mathematics.pdf In?short The professor said this course is about discrete mathematics. Assignments [Assignment 1] Logic and Functions | Finite Mathematics Finite Mathematics) Assignment 1) Logic and Functions.pdf [Assignment 2] […]