MS in CogSci

  1. [AI] Seminar in Cognitive Science (Industrial and Applied Artificial Intelligence)
  2. [AI,Neuro] Computational Neuroscience (Self-learning Neural Algorithms)
  3. [AI] Deep Learning
  1. [CogSci,Psy] Studies in Information Processing
  2. [AI,Ling] Seminar in Spoken Language Processing (Language Processing using Deep Learning)
  3. [CogSci] Issues in Cognitive Science
  1. [AI,Ling] Seminar in Computational Linguistics (Natural Language Processing using Reinforcement Learning)
  2. [CogSci]?Methodology in Cognitive Science
  3. [CogSci,Psy] Seminar in Methodology on Experimental Psychology?(Fundamentals and Applications of Cognitive Modeling) [LINK]
  4. Reading and Research
  1. [Psy] Introduction to Psychology

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