Conferences, Journals


Abbr.Full NameTopicTierSCI(E) Level
AAAIAAAI Conference on Artificial IntelligenceAI1Y
IJCAIInternational Joint Conference on Artificial IntelligenceAI1Y
UAIConference on Uncertainty in Artificial IntelligenceAI2Y
AAMASInternational Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent SystemsAI2Y
NeurIPSConference on Neural Information Processing SystemsML1Y
ICMLInternational Conference on Machine LearningML1Y
ICLRInternational Conference on Learning RepresentationsML1Y
COLTAnnual Conference on Learning TheoryML2Y
AISTATSInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence and StatisticsML2Y
ACLAnnual Meeting of the Association for Computational LinguisticsNLP1Y
EMNLPConference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language ProcessingNLP1Y
NAACL/HLTConference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language TechnologiesNLP2Y
COLINGInternational Conference on Computational LinguisticsNLP3Y
CoNLLConference on Natural LanguageNLP3Y
EACLEuropean Association for Computational LinguisticsNLP3Y
IJCNLPInternational Joint Conference on Natural Language ProcessingNLP3Y
CVPRConference on Computer Vision and Pattern RecognitionCV1Y
ICCVInternational Conference on Computer VisionCV1Y
ECCVEuropean Conference on Computer VisionCV1Y
MICCAIInternational Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted InterventionsCV2Y
ACCVAsian Conference on Computer VisionCV3Y
KDDACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data MiningDM1Y
ICDMIEEE International Conference on Data MiningDM1Y
CogSciAnnual Meeting of the Cognitive Science SocietyCog2Y
IJCARInternational Joint Conference on Automated ReasoningCog3Y
BICAAnnual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive ArchitecturesCog3N
ICCMInternational Conference on Cognitive ModellingCog3N

Reference: 정보과학회 SW분야우수학술대회목록 2018


Trends in Cognitive SciencesCogYYY
Cognitive ScienceCogNNY
Topics in Cognitive ScienceCogNNY
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive ScienceCogNNY
Cognitive ComputationCogNYN
Cognitive NeurodynamicsCogNYN
Cognitive ProcessingCogNYN
Cognitive PsychologyCog. CogModel.NYY
Cognitive Systems ResearchCogNYY
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental SystemsCogNYN
Neural ComputationANNYYN
Frontiers in Computational NeuroscienceComNeuroNYN
Journal of Computational NeuroscienceComNeuroYYN
Computational Intelligence and NeuroscienceComNeuroNYN
Frontiers in Systems NeuroscienceNeuroNYN
The Journal of Mathematical NeuroscienceComNeuroNYN
Journal of Mathematical PsychologyCog. CogModel.NYY
CognitionCog. CogModel.NNY
Psychological ReviewCog. CogModel.YYY
Psychonomic Bulletin and ReviewCog. CogModel.NNY
Neural NetworksANN. CogModel.YYN
Artificial IntelligenceAIYYN
Artificial Intelligence ReviewAIYYN
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine IntelligenceAIYYN
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning SystemsANN. ML.YYN
Journal of Machine Learning ResearchMLNYN
Machine LearningMLYYN

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