Intro to Psychology | Udacity

[latexpage] Brief Information Instructors: Susan Snycerski (Assistant Professor, San Jose State University) Greg Feist?(Professor, San Jose State University) Lauren Castellano (Udacity) Flatform: Udacity Course homepage:?–ps001 Duration 2017-08-24~present: (blank) About this course Introduction to Psychology is a journey through all of the major psychological concepts and principles. The knowledge gained from this course will allow students […]

Deep Learning | Udacity

[latexpage] Brief Information Instructor:?Vincent Vanhoucke (Principal Scientist at Google Brain) Flatform: Udacity Course homepage:?–ud730 Duration 2017-08-24~25:?Took Lesson 1, 3-7 without programming assignments. Course Overview Lesson 1: From Machine Learning to Deep Learning Lesson 2: Assignment: notMNIST Lesson 3: Deep Neural Networks Lesson 4: Convolutional Neural Networks Lesson 5: Deep Models for Text and Sequences Lesson […]